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  • Business Centre

  • Centrally Located

  • Restaurants, Pubs and Shopping centres close by

  • Next to Golf Course, Rod and Gun Club and Community Facilities (Indoor Pool, Spa Sauna, Arena, Curling & etc.)

  • Pet Friendly

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390 Nimpkish Drive, Gold River, BC V0P1G0


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Gold River Chalet

The finest motel accommodation in Gold River, Strathcona Provincial Park and Historical Nootka Sound!

Closest Accommodations to M.V.Uchuck, for trips to Friendly Cove, Nootka Island, Tahsis & Zeballos

Located in the heart of downtown Gold River, Gold River Chalet is nestled in a  picturesque mountainous natural setting and yet close to all community facilities. Restaurants, pub, recreation centre featuring swimming pool, sauna and ice arena are just across the road.  We also have ample space for boat, truck and RV parking. Vacation and business visitors will enjoy the comfort, affordability and convenience of the Chalet. 

About Gold River 

Gold River is situated on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, bordering Strathcona Provincial Park. The village of Gold River offers shopping, dining services and outdoor activities such as year-round fishing, hiking, golfing, hunting, sea & river kayaking, mountain biking and spelunking. 

Scenic hiking paths nearby range from a 20 minute forest walk to the one-hour Antler Lake Nature Trail. Buttle Lake features several hiking trails ranging from 30 minutes to six hours in length.

Tours include trips to Friendly Cove by aboarding M.V. Uchuck III, flying Air Nootka to Hot Springs Cove, Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park and Nootka Sound. 


  Click here to see more about Gold River.

                                                                      Click here for Gold River City Map

Distances from Major Centres 

Campbell River 91 km (57 miles)
Courtenay 136 km (86 miles)
Nanaimo 243 km (153 miles)
Vancouver (after ferry) 243 km (153 miles)
Victoria 355 km (224 miles)


From Victoria or Nanaimo you can travel the Island Highway north to Campbell River, then take scenic Highway #28 through Strathcona Park, British Columbia's oldest provincial park, to the Village of Gold River.  From here a route continues north, via gravel road, through the Nimpkish Valley to Woss, where it once again joins Hwy #19. You can also travel by air to Nootka Sound via seaplane.

Indulge yourself with the best of natural beauty and modern amenities...Discover Gold River by staying with us in Gold River Chalet!